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Debs Coiffure is a leading salon in Mauritius, offering expert hair care services using the finest Mizani and L'Oréal Pro products. With 19 years of experience, Debora leads our team with a passion for creating stunning styles, especially for curly hair types. At Debs Coiffure, we believe that every client deserves exceptional service and a personalized experience.


Extention ongle

Créer une extension permet de rallonger l'ongle naturel pour qu'il soit plus long. Dans le cas des ongles rongés, les extensions permettent de former une base, se sont des prothèses ongulaires.

2 hr
Rs 1200.00
€ 24.00
Gel Polish on Natural Nails

A treatment for shiny and long-lasting nails. Gel polish offers long-lasting wear and a professional finish for impeccable nails. (Duration: 45 minutes)

45 mins
Rs 650.00
€ 13.00

Mobile Services Available (Wedding)

Enjoy our makeup and hairstyling services at home for your special day. We come to you to provide the perfect wedding look. (Makeup starting from Rs 1500 for 1 hour 30 minutes, Hairstyle starting from Rs 1600 for 1 hour)

1 hr 30
Rs 1500.00
€ 30.00
Bridal Hairstyle

Elegant and sophisticated hairstyles to complete your look. Whether for a special occasion or just to feel beautiful every day, our expert stylists are here for you. (Starting from Rs 800 for 1 hour)

1 hr
Rs 1600.00
€ 32.00

Shampooing brushing

Le brushing permet d'embellir une coupe et de sublimer les cheveux. Il est réalisé à l'aide d'un sèche-cheveux qui diffuse de l'air chaud ainsi qu'une brosse ronde.

30 mins
Rs 400.00
€ 8.00

Makeup Services

Professional makeup service to enhance your natural beauty. Choose from a variety of looks and styles for any special occasion. (Starting from Rs 800 for 1 hour 30 minutes)

1 hr 30
Rs 800.00
€ 16.00

Shampoo Blow Dry,and Flat Iron

A complete treatment for beautifully styled hair. Includes a revitalizing shampoo, professional blowout, and final flat ironing for a flawless finish. (30 minutes maximum)

30 mins
Rs 400.00
€ 8.00
Steampod Treatment

A nourishing and repairing treatment for damaged hair. Helps restore hair health and vitality while protecting it from future makes your hair mor shinny and resist humidity(30 minutes maximum)

30 mins
Rs 300.00
€ 6.00
whole head coloring

Professional color treatment with highlights to add dimension and depth to your hair color. Customized to match your style and preference. (Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes)

1 hr 30
Rs 3300.00
€ 66.00
Mizani or L'Oréal Pro Hair Treatment

A luxurious hair treatment to nourish and revitalize your hair. Uses high-quality products for long-lasting results and radiant shine.

1 hr
Rs 400.00
€ 8.00

Une coupe et une Façon de disposer, tailler ou modeler la chevelure afin de lui apporter une structure à sa convenance. Exemple : Elle a adopté une nouvelle coupe de cheveux plus courte qui la rajeunit de quelques années.1 janv. 2021

30 mins
Rs 350.00
€ 7.00

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