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Makeup Rachel Messin brings over 23 years of hairstyling and 6 years of makeup artistry experience to your doorstep. Specializing in bridal makeup, she offers a range of styles from natural nude looks to glamorous transformations for all events. With Rachel, every brushstroke is a testament to her passion for enhancing your natural beauty.


Bridal Hairstyle

Let your hair be the crowning glory of your bridal look with a hairstyle that is elegant, timeless, and tailored to you. (Rs 1500 to Rs 2000, 45 minutes to 1 hour)

45 mins
On quote
Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle

Complete your bridal look with this package that includes both makeup and hairstyle, creating a stunning ensemble that lasts all day.

1 hr 30
Rs 4500.00
€ 90.00
Bridal Makeup

Look and feel like a queen on your special day with this bridal makeup service that ensures you shine bright.

1 hr
Rs 3000.00
€ 60.00

Makeup Soft Glam

Achieve a soft, glamorous look with this makeup service that enhances your features while maintaining a natural allure.

45 mins
Rs 1300.00
€ 26.00
Soft Glam Makeup and Hairstyle

Elevate your style with a soft glam makeup and hairstyle combination that radiates sophistication.

1 hr
Rs 1700.00
€ 34.00
Makeup Nude

Enhance your natural beauty with a subtle nude makeup look, perfect for any occasion.

30 mins
Rs 1200.00
€ 24.00
Makeup Glamour

Transform your look with a glamorous makeup service that emphasizes your best features for a stunning finish.

45 mins
Rs 1400.00
€ 28.00
Nude Makeup and Hairstyle

Complete your look with a nude makeup and hairstyle combination that exudes effortless elegance.

1 hr
Rs 1200.00
€ 24.00
Glamour Makeup and Hairstyle

Step into the spotlight with a glamorous makeup and hairstyle combination that turns heads and steals the show.

1 hr
Rs 1800.00
€ 36.00


Get expert advice on the perfect hairstyle to complement your look, ensuring you step out with confidence.

30 mins
Rs 700.00
€ 14.00

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