Winter Beauty Boost: 5 Services for More Bookings

The Mauritian winter, while milder than other regions, still presents challenges for your clients' beauty routines. But fear not! Blouwy, your trusted partner in streamlined salon management, is here to help you spark excitement and boost bookings throughout the cooler months.

Embrace Winter with Confidence:

Winter often inspires clients to revamp their look, and you can be their guide! Offer a range of services that cater to their desire for a refreshing beauty refresh.

Blouwy connects you with a wider client base seeking services to transform their winter season. Here are 5 enticing options to add to your menu and promote to your clients:


1. Deep Hydration Treatments: The Ultimate Winter Weapon

Combat the effects of winter sun and dryness with luxurious hydration treatment packages.  Promote the benefits of softer, smoother skin and hair after an invigorating treatment with essential oils like lavender mint. Highlight the relaxation factor with the inclusion of a professional massage and deeply hydrating lotion application.


2. Beach Bliss Pedicure: Winter Relaxation

Create a "Beach Bliss Pedicure" experience. Transport clients to a state of relaxation with a foot soak infused with calming essential oils like lemongrass and ylang-ylang.

Offer a gentle exfoliation with volcanic sand followed by a nourishing massage with tropical oils.

This service caters to clients who crave relaxation and rejuvenation during the winter season.


3. Festive Sparkle Manicure: Embrace the Holidays

Winter in Mauritius often coincides with the holiday season. Offer a "Festive Sparkle Manicure" featuring dazzling nail art designs with glitter, sequins, and festive colors.

This service caters to clients who want to get into the holiday spirit with a touch of sparkle on their fingertips.


4. Tropical Glow Package:

If you're looking for a way to highlight local ingredients, consider offering a "Tropical Glow Package" featuring treatments that nourish and revitalize skin exposed to the winter sun.

Include a body scrub using local ingredients like brown sugar and vanilla followed by a hydrating mask infused with fresh aloe vera and a cooling coconut milk soak.

Promote this package as a way to maintain a healthy summer tan throughout the cooler months.


5. Partner with Blouwy for Local Collaboration:

Instead of a specific service, you could propose a collaboration with Blouwy to promote local businesses.

Partner with Blouwy to offer a "Winter Wellness Retreat" package.

This package could combine a "Tropical Glow Package" at your salon with a relaxing massage at a nearby spa and a healthy lunch from a local cafe.

Blouwy can help you create a seamless booking experience and promote the package to clients seeking a well-rounded winter wellness experience.


Beyond Beauty: A Partnership with Impact

At Blouwy, we believe in fostering a spirit of community.  That's why we're proud to partner with Enn Rev Enn Sourir, a local organization dedicated to supporting children battling serious illnesses.

Make a Difference Together

When clients book services through Blouwy, a portion of the proceeds goes to Enn Rev Enn Sourir. Promote this partnership and position yourself as a salon that cares about its community.

Make a difference in the lives of children with Enn Rev Enn Sourir.